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How to be an NBI agent? Qualification, Requirements and Online Application

How to be an NBI agent or Investigator? Qualification, Requirements and Online Application
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Do you want to be part of the meaningful change in public service to pursue justice and truth or to be an NBI Agent and work among the awesome team of the National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines? Know the requirements here before your application.


About NBI

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) saw its inception on November 13, 1936 upon approval of Commonwealth Act No. 181 by the legislature. It was the the brainchild of the late President Manuel L. Quezon and JoseƂ Yulo, then Secretary of Justice.


Tasked with organizing a Division of Investigation or DI patterned after the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation were Thomas Dugan, a veteran American police captain from the New York Police Department and Flaviano C. Guerrero, the only Filipino member of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.


On the basis of stiff physical, mental, and moral standards, 45 men were selected as agents from among 300 applicants. To complement this investigative force was a civilian staff composed of doctors, chemists, fingerprint technicians, photographers, stenographers, and clerks.


During the Japanese occupation, the DI was affiliated with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Philippine Constabulary known as the Bureau of Investigation (BI). Subsequently, during the post-liberation period, all available DI agents were recruited by the US Army CIC as investigators.


Since then, the Bureau assumed an increasingly significant role. Thus, on June 19, 1947, by virtue of Republic Act No. 157, it was reorganized into the Bureau of Investigation. Later, it was amended by Executive Order No. 94 issued on October 4, 1947 renaming it to what it is presently known, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Source: (https://sites.google.com/nbiacademy.edu.ph/nbiacademy/about?authuser=0)


The Importance of Basic Training


“The Basic Training in the NBI Academy is the beginning of the Agents’ evolution as well-meaning law enforcement officers from simple and ordinary citizens on the street, they are transformed into men/women of conviction-law enforcement officers who by their oath of office will always give justice to the oppressed.” (NBI Academy Website)



What are the requirements:


Bring / submit the following documents to the National Academy for pre-assessment;


·         Diploma;

·         Transcript of Records;

·         Eligibility (Bar/Board);

·         Birth Certificate;

·         Marriage Certificate (if applicable);

·         Community Tax Certificate;

·         Residential Certificate;

·         Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212);

·         2 pcs. 2x2 Pictures;

            Note: In Formal Attire/White Background

·         NBI and Police Clearances;

·         Court Clearances from RTC, MTC, and Prosecutor’s;

·         ITR/W2- if working; and

·         SALN - if Government Employee.


Note: Please make sure that you wear proper attire upon submitting your requirements


What are the basic Qualifications?


·         Must be a Filipino citizen, of good moral character and in excellent physical and mental condition;

·         Lawyer or Certified Public Accountant (CPA);

·         No pending criminal, civil or administrative charge and never convicted of any crime;

·         Between 25 to 35 years old;

·         At least 5’5 in height (male)/5’3 for female;

·         With general weighted average of 85% in the transcript of records;

·         Vision within normal range;

·         No tattoo marks or pierced ears; and

·         Willing to be assigned anywhere in the Philippines.


What is the Screening Procedure?


Applicants must pass the rigid qualifying examinations and screening procedures to determine and select the best and most qualified applicants, namely;

·         Preliminary Medical Check-up

·         Written Examination

·         Preliminary Interview

·         Neuro-Psychiatric Examination

·         Complete Medical Examination

·         Agility Test

·         Polygraph Test

·         Background Investigation

·         Panel Interview

·         Training in the NBI Academy

Qualified applicants shall undergo an extensive training for atleast 20 weeks at the NBI Academy


Online Application


Online Application Steps:


  • Visit: https://sites.google.com/nbiacademy.edu.ph/nbiacademy/become-an-agent?authuser=0
  • Complete the online application form
  • Download the NBI agent application form (This will only be given to you once you completed the online application above)
  • Print and fill up the form
  • Scan your document and email to nbirecruitment@nbiacademy.edu.ph with the subject (NBI AGENT APPLICATION - "YOUR LAST NAME")
  • Wait for the official appointment email


*Reminder to Bring all requirements on your appointment



"Mighty men and women of valor... their fame was noised throughout the country."

-Book of Joshua


Be part of the modern bureau. Join NBI. Online application will be posted soon. #NBIAcademy #NBICareers

Posted by NBI Academy on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Contact Information of NBI


NBI Academy, Ground Floor , NBI Taft Avenue, Manila

Direct Line: 526-6207

Trunk Line No: 523-8231, 32-38

Local 4505

or Visit the nearest regional /district NBI OfficesSource: BECOME AN AGENT. Retrieved June 4, 2020 from www.nbiacademy.com

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