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Plant vs. Undead: An Overview and Guide to Start Farming and Earning (CoinMarketcap)

Plant vs. Undead: An Overview and  Guide to Start Farming and Earning


There is a rise of NFT (non-fungible token)  gaming in the crypto world today, and I think we all know the Axie infinity game. This game was reported in mid-June, had 1,000 scholars worldwide playing a Pokemon-inspired game, and have earned more than 14 million in-game tokens known as Small Love Potions (SLPs) — equivalent to about $1.9 million. 

Another Play-to-earn game is Plant vs. Undead. It is sporty to the classic Plants vs. Zombies franchise, but with its twists and turns of eaning while playing. 

What is Plant vs. Undead?



Plant vs. Undead (PVU) (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/plantvsundead/) is a multiplayer tower defense game where your plants are your real asset. This play-to-earn game was released last June 2021. 

According to their whitepaper, The goal of the game is to combine the phenomenal Plants vs. Zombies with new blockchain technology – NFTs.  

PVU is set in a world called Planet Plants. It was once a harmonious place for animals and plants. Then a disease comes from meteors, turns animals into Undead. But, it also gives hope; seeds grow into unique plants. The new generation inherited nature elements and particular traits. They become fighters and soldiers, all to protect the home of Mother Trees. (Plant vs. Undead White Paper Version 1.9)


How does it work?


Playing the game will earn you a token called "PVU." PVU token is the native currency in the game, as well as mirrored as a BSC token. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game. There is a fixed total of 300 million PVU.

Utilities of the token are as follows: 

1. In-game currency: PVU could be used in the marketplace for purchasing Seeds and Plants.

2. Social feature: send PVU tokens in the chats with friends; exchange NFT assets 

3. Play to earn: Everyone can take part in all game modes. Each mode rewards PVU differently:

Survival Mode: Each Undead Wave has a percentage to drop PVU.

Multiplayer mode: 1v1, 2v2 gameplay is in the discussion. Players are defending with plants and attacking with Undeads at the same time. The winner in a match got rewards in the token. High-placed players in leaderboard also earn bigger rewards per season. 

Note: All Token and NFTs of Plant vs. Undead will be stored on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

How to get started

First, check their official website and join their Official Telegram Group to be updated and learn more about the game. To start playing Plants vs. Undead, do the following:

1. Sign up and create an account with Metamask. You need to download Metamask from Google Chrome Webstore and activate the plugin on Google Chrome (PC) or Kiwi Browser (Mobile);

2. Create a Binance account to purchase USDT, which can be converted to BNB. 

3. Once BNB is available, connect it and transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet. 

4. You need to have at least 5 PVU. From MetaMask, your BNB coins can now be swapped into PVU Tokens using Poocoin or Pancakeswap. (PVU Contract Address: 0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794) 


5. If you have a PVU, go to the Plants vs. Undead website and connect your Metamask. 

6. Next, go to the Farm tab on the Plant vs. Undead web app to start playing.

However, there's a huge chance you will get the "Farm Maintenance" error. You will have to wait for your batch schedule.  Currently, the game is implementing a batch scheduling system where players are assigned a batch, and each cluster can only play during a specific period. This is to prevent the server from overloading if all players play the game at the same time.

Note: New accounts needs to wait for 24 hours to be scheduled.


7. Convert PVU to LE (1 PVU = 70 LE)

You'll need to convert your PVU tokens to an in-game resource called Light Energy (LE). Tools (pots, scarecrows) and seeds in farming are bought using LE, not PVU.

To do this, click the blue swap button on the upper right. 

Note: (1 PVU  = LE: 1:105), changes will take effect at 00:00 UTC on September 19, 2021

8. Claim your free land plots

All players receive free land plots.

·         One slot for a mother tree (NFT) or Sunflower; and

·         Five slots for plants (NFT) or Samplings

9. Buy farming tools at the Shop

To start planting sunflower mama and saplings, you will need at least one small pot and 1 set of water (100x). These tools will cost a small amount of LE.

To buy farming tools, go to the Shop by clicking on the pink button on the left side.

·         Small pot – 50 LE

·         Big pot – 100 LE

·         Water – 50 LE

·         Scarecrow – 20 LE

10. Buy Sunflower seeds

To buy Sunflower seeds, go to the "Sunflower" tab next to "Tools" in the Shop.

·         Sunflower Sapling can be bought for 100 LE, which gives you 250 LE after 72 hrs or three (3) days, or

·         Sunflower Mama for 200 LE, which gives you 850 LE after 144 hrs or six (6) days.


You can also try gambling with the Sun Box for 100 LE, which gives you a chance to obtain the following:

·         30% to drop 100x water and 20x scarecrows

·         30% to drop 2x small pots

·         30% to drop 1x Sunflower Sapling

·         9.9% to drop 1x Sunflower Mama

·         0.1% to drop 1x seed

11. Plant Sunflowers on your farm and water them

Now ready to plant your Sunflower/Saplings after buying your needed tools and plants.

·         Go back to your Land tab or click on the green "plus" icon next to your PVU token number on the upper left.

·         Select an available land, click the Sunflower tab, and select a sunflower you want to plant (either a Sunflower Sapling or Sunflower Mama).

·         Go back to your farm home, and you will see the new plant with a "Add pot to start farming" label.

·         Click on the plant slot and click on the "Use" button next to the pot.

·         Water, your plant two times by also clicking on the "Use" button next to the watering can icon.

12. Water the World Tree to received rewards.

            To receive daily rewards (Sapling, LE, sunbox), you can participate in their daily task – watering the World Tree. Here is how it works:

      Every day, players from the entire server give water to the World Tree (minimum is 20 water per player).

      Each reward requires a specific amount of water delivered to the whole server.

      Once the water requirement is reached, all players who have given water to the World Tree can claim the corresponding reward.

Rewards  for the first week of the World Tree are as follows:

      Reward 1: 10LE + 1 Sunflower Sapling – requirement: 4,000,000 water

      Reward 2: 15LE + 1 Sunflower Saplings – requirement: 6,000,000 water

      Reward 3: 25LE + 2 Sunflower Saplings – requirement: 9,000,000 water

      Reward 4: 1 Sun box + 2 Sunflower Saplings – requirements 12,000,000 water

      Reward 5: Every plant is automatically thoroughly watered for the next day + 50LE + 4 Sunflower Saplings – requirement: 15,000,000

       Reward 6: 4 Sunflower Saplings - requirement: 50,000,000

13. Harvest LE from your Sunflowers

·         Once your Sunflowers have fully grown, it’s now time to harvest their LE

·         Just go to your farm and harvest your sunflowers one by one, or by clincking Harvest All button

·         Once harvested, you can “Remove” the land plot so you can plant another plant on that slot.




·         The limit for seeds dropping from farming has increased from 22,400 to unlimited

·         The base rate for exchanging between LE and PVU has been increased as follows:


ü  PVU  =  LE: 1:105

ü  LE = PVU: 150:1


·         The NFT requirement for LE -> PVU exchange has been changed to:


ü  0 NFTs: cannot exchange LE

ü  More than 1 NFTs (>=1 NFTs): can exchange at base rate (150 LE = 1 PVU)

·         These changes will take effect at 00:00 UTC on September 19, 2021





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