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Rights of Teachers under the Philippine Laws

Rights of Teachers under the Philippine Laws

Section 10. Rights of all School Personnel - In addition to other rights provided for by law, the following rights shall be enjoyed by all school personnel:

1. The right to free expression of opinion and suggestions, and to effective channels of communication with appropriate academic and administrative bodies of the school or institution.

2. The right to be provided with free legal service by the appropriate government office in the case of public school personnel, and through the school authorities concerned in the case of private school personnel, when charged in an administrative, civil and/or criminal proceedings by parties other than the school or regulatory authorities concerned for actions committed directly in the lawful discharge of professional duties and/or in defense of school policies.

3. The right to establish, join and maintain labor organizations and/or professional and self-regulating organizations of their choice to promote their welfare and defend their interests.

4. The right to be free from involuntary contributions except those imposed by their own organizations.

Section 11. Special Rights and/or Privileges of Teaching or Academic Staff - Further to the rights mentioned in the preceding Section, every member of the teaching or academic staff shall enjoy the following rights and/or privileges:

1. The right to be free from compulsory assignments not related to their duties as defined in their appointments or employment contracts, unless compensated therefor, conformably to existing law.

2. The right to intellectual property consistent with applicable laws.

3. Teachers shall be deemed persons in authority when in the discharge of lawful duties and responsibilities, and shall, therefore, be accorded due respect and protection.

4. Teachers shall be accorded the opportunity to choose alternative career lines either in school administration, in classroom teaching, or others, for purposes of career advancement.

Source: Batas Pambansa Blg. 232, Republic Act No. 8293, New Civil Code of the Philippines 

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